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How does it work?

The life altering motion in Transformational Breath® is based on the universal principle of entrainment which simply states that a lower vibrational pattern can permanently be changed by coming in contact with a higher vibrational energy source. The breathing pattern used in Transformational Breath® practice creates a higher frequency field and entrains (changes) the lower frequency patterns stored at the cellular level such as negative thinking, trauma or pain.  Transformational Breath ® allows us to breathe better, to have more energy, to feel more peaceful and loving, and ultimately to attain higher levels of consciousness.  That is why you feel lighter and clearer after being bathed in your own beautiful breath with the higher vibrational energy that the Transformational Breath® brings.  This impact can be felt even after one session!   

What is Transformational Breath?

Transformational Breath® is a self empowering healing modality. It uses a specific breathing pattern along with complementary techniques to open restrictions in the Respiratory System. Transformational Breath® is not just another breathing technique, but it is a powerful way to permanently remove restrictions in our breathing pattern, giving us access to more oxygen, energy and vitality.  Transformational Breath® works on three levels; physically opening, mentally and emotionally integrating and spiritually connecting.

First, the Physical Level: The majority of people are using less than 50% of their breathing capacity. Scientific studies have shown that we receive 75% or more of our energy needs from breathing and 70% of our toxins are released through the process of breathing! Many diseases are anaerobic diseases, ones that thrive in oxygen deprived environments. These alone are worthy reasons to spend some time clearing the restrictions in our breath and learning how our bodies were designed to breathe.  With the use of Transformational Breath® we open these restrictions in our breathing apparatus and, as a result, have an increased amount of oxygen and prana available for our bodies. Leading to more vibrant health and wellbeing.

Second, the Mental/Emotional Level:  Limiting beliefs, suppressed and repressed emotions, and judgments get stored at the cellular level.  The breathing pattern we use in Transformational Breath® creates a high vibration energy field that, through the principle of entrainment, permanently integrates unconscious patterns, energy blocks and past trauma. Once integrated, the energy used to hold these old patterns in place is freed up, enabling us to do the things we choose to do with more peace, joy and ease. 

Third, the Spiritual Level: By integrating parts of the subconscious mind we create the space to connect more deeply to our spiritual nature. This increased spiritual connection and awareness adds a rich depth and purpose of our lives, allowing us to live our lives from a blissful centered place. Even one breath session can have a deep impact on our lives.


The Many Benefits of Transformational Breath®


Feel better the natural way!



  • Increases oxygen intake &  absorption throughout the body
  • Re-vitalizes and fuels body cells improving energy levels
  • Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System      (AKA 'rest & digest')​
  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation &      detoxification
  • Balances the flow of energy through the body
  • Releases tension & promotes relaxation
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves digestion and metabolism, thereby burning fat​
  • Slows down heart rate and lowers blood      pressure​
  • Increases fitness and improves sports performance
  • Improves well-being for many conditions      & ailments: stress, asthma, headaches, heart problems, digestive disorders, chronic pain, low energy, psychosomatic illnesses, anaerobic diseases, & many others.
  • Activates self-healing


Mental & Emotional


  • ​​Reduces worry & anxiety
  • Increases resilience and self-awareness
  • Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns
  • Clears past traumas & dramas
  • Relieves depressive & dense 'negative' emotions
  • Increases serotonin, promoting mood & sleep
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Signals the brain to slow down     
  • Increases life enjoyment




  • Deepens meditation
  • Expands awareness
  • Allows fuller expression of love & joy
  • Greater insight and clarity
  • Develops spiritual gifts
  • Strengthens the connection with the Divine
  •  Deepens connection with self and others 

"Transformational Breath®

 is a spiritual self-empowering healing technique designed to open the respiratory system, clear the subconscious of negativity, and allow a deeper alignment with our highest potential." - Dr. Judith Kravitz 

You are how you breathe.

 We restrict our breath when feeling fear, reducing the space for understanding and love. Shallow or restricted breathing does not allow us to express our full potential. There can be no hatred or fear when we breathe deeply; there is only room for light and love at this higher vibration. This state of higher vibration allows us to rediscover our true nature and awaken us to who we really are — who we were when we took our first breath. To escape the bonds of fear and anger one must begin with changing how they breathe. Through Transformational Breath®, energy work,  bodywork, movement and sound healing, we can awaken our awareness and live a more vibrant and loving life. 


Dr. Judith Kravitz The Founder of Transformational Breath®


Dr. Judith Kravitz first experienced conscious breathwork in the mid-seventies through the breathing practice known as Rebirthing.

Judith has integrated various principles from her doctoral studies in metaphysics, Kundalini Yoga, breath analysis, sound healing, body mapping plus other healing and spiritual principles into the most therapeutic Breathwork system known today (Transformational Breath®).

The power of Transformational Breath ®

Dr. Judith Kravitz explains the power of Transformational Breath®. Transformational Breath® is a gentle, conscious breathing technique that allows you to access the most powerful and efficient physical, emotional and psychological healing mechanism available to you - your own breath. Feel more alive, embrace the present moment, experience more energy, vitality, peace and joy with Transformational Breath®.

Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 1931, discovered that cancer and other anaerobic diseases, such as auto-immune diseases, thrive in an oxygen-deprived environment. Therefore, the more oxygen we bring into our body, the less those diseases can thrive. 

So what causes us to restrict our breathing in the first place? Resisting our pain. Somewhere in our life, most of us have learned that it is NOT okay to feel our feelings and, as a result, we must restrict our breath to restrict our feelings. 

Those unexpressed feelings remain “stuck” in our body at the cellular level and cause “dis-ease” and we are no longer in the natural flow of our life.

The good news is, Transformational Breath® offers us a tool to open restricted breathing patterns, release negativity and bring joy back into our lives!


Scientific research has proven that diaphragmatic breathing is an efficient tool and can improve certain symptoms or conditions, for example: 

  Autoimmune disease
 Stress/ Burnout 

 Asthma / COPD / Sleep Apnea
 Panic attacks
 Fears and phobias 

 TMJ, headaches, 

 Heart Conditions
 Chronic fatigue
 Digestive problems
 High blood pressure
 Headaches / migraine

 Conscious Breathwork is very effective and …

Reduces worry and anxiety

  Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns 

Clears past traumas

 Detoxifies the lymphatic system/ - over 70% of body’s detox comes from breathing    

Releases emotional blockages  

Increases life enjoyment 

Relieves depressive and negative emotions  Improves self-esteem